Skysense Charging Pad

Fast and reliable battery charging

Charging the batteries is as easy as landing on the Skysense Charging Pad. The Skysense Charging Pad has a wide landing area and supports nearly all existing multicopters thanks to our patent-pending technology.

Save time and manage your drone operations remotely: whenever the batteries run out, land on a Skysense Charging Pad and take off as soon as the batteries are recharged. Without ever leaving the office.

Skysense Charging Pad

All the power you want. Effortless and managed remotely.

Power tiles

The gold-plated landing area provides top quality contacts between your drone and the charging pad.

Direct contact

The Wiring Kit is physically connected to the charging pad through gold-plated spring contacts.


A sturdy design makes the Skysense Charging Pad tough and durable.

Efficient charging

Charges your batteries as fast as your regular charge cable.

Wide landing area

Simplifies the landing and takeoff procedures.

Multi-manufacturer support

Supports nearly all existing multicopters and VTOL aircrafts.

Skysense Hangar

Hold your drone inside the Skysense Hangar while charging and stationing.

The Skysense Hangar is a protective closed structure that is managed remotely and can hold a Skysense Charging Pad and your drone. It also provides synching of sensor data to the cloud and connectivity within your Skysense Hangar network.

Remotely Manage Your Flight Missions


Manage your flights remotely and scale up the number of served farms removing the space & time limits for your flight missions.


Handle emergencies and planned inspections remotely. Cut budget costs for business trips and increase your customer base.

Mining & Energy

Plan remote flight missions, produce 3D field maps and monitor the correct operativity of your power stations.


Complement your CCTV cameras with a remote-controlled multicopter for immediate response to security alarms.